Thanks to our team of specialists we have the honor to present to you some of the results of our patients totally satisfied with the work we have achieved in their visits to VIADENTAL.

Tamara Miranda


When I was 18 I went to San Diego and put me brackets. I also took 6 cloves. Two of milk and four of trial, which was a horror! Last 4 years with brackets and never was progress. Until one day I had the pleasure of visiting Viadental clinic in Tijuana, Where they have very good hands and do an excellent job. They explain exactly what options you have and everything you do with patience and tenderness. After so much suffering, Dr. Vianey suggest veneers and crowns at a very good price! The process was not difficult and my smile is beautiful, THANKS Viadental are my angels.

Kenia A. Peraza


My visits to Viadental have been without doubt good experiences, I consider myself a person who has always maintained good dental health, but I had never found an office where all dentists were so attentive and friendly, always ready to make clear everything you need and What not, any doubt or problem that arises the answer is always positive. As for prices, I have no complaints, on the contrary, I think they are extremely accessible and better yet they give you a payment option that suits us. In summary, Viadental makes our dental health a pleasurable experience.